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4/20 Massacre Review

This is a fairly typical slasher film that follows a group of women as they go camping. They're going on this trip for various reasons and those aspects are lightly touched upon. They meet some strange people and eventually start dropping dead as the trip progresses. There's not really much to this and it sort of just goes by. That being said it's not bad with some gruesome deaths and an alright plot. There's not exactly much depth there for the characters, but enough that would make this a typical type of slasher.

I will say they did handle some of the deaths well and the later part of it was fine. The characters were weird enough and strangely they did have some surprise elements come into play that made various aspects feel fresh later on. The side characters played into it well and the whole thing was rather dark which I'm sure many will appreciate.
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This really wasn't shot too well, some of the angles were a bit odd and they really didn't take advantage of the scenery. It had a nice sense of space in regards to where it was located and the entire film felt isolated for their location. It was open when there were some chase scenes, but even those kept the shot relatively intimate for the most part. The acting ranged from alright to decent, some of them weren't the best but it worked out fine. The minor story lines were only touched upon in small amounts and didn't really carry any weight. The deaths were decently gruesome being creative in how they were deployed against the group. There wasn't however any strategy there with the murderer coming across as just purely unhinged.

The Conclusion

4/20 Massacre was a fine film for what it was trying to portray, some aspects of it were different from others in the slasher genre whereas many portions felt generic. They created some unique scenes when it came to the deaths and gore, but didn't add any fight to it. You could sort of tell exactly which characters would die from the start and there wasn't any hunt to things. This made it feel simplistic and took away that spark that makes it different. The murderer wasn't anything creative, yet I do appreciate the basic approach here as it wasn't some wild mythological creature and instead kept it within the realms of realism. They could have done more with this and it comes across as just fine.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner