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Ahockalypse Review

Ahockalypse follows a close group of hockey players as they battle the undead. Prior to that they play the big game and things go well, that is until the other team returns afterwards as a horde of hungry suited up zombies. For a film that gets right into the zombie apocalypse it really did trail off after that point. It's just one weird sporadic journey that was full of meandering moments. I believe they were going for the one night, long adventure narrative for a zombie film yet it just didn't work.

At the core they had a decent team going, but they didn't exactly have the best chemistry or even acting skills. To the side of everything else was one random occasional ninja type situation with the mascot? It was bizarre, while being quite stylized though I found it detracted from what was going on being something to just pad the time. It seemed like they didn't really have a set goal in mind for what they were wanting to do here. You can see the clear establishing point and then at the end where they wanted to go, it's the middle which happens to be the majority of the film that's a mess.
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As mentioned the acting wasn't great with some really weak points throughout. I suppose the two leads were fine and I liked the one random squad member. That was literally the joke throughout in that they didn't really know her, which was one of the better points. That being said, she just sort of vanished so I don't know what was going on there. I'm really curious about what happened to the character, I even went back a bit through it and she just sort of disconnects. This wasn't shot very well, the effects were certainly more of a miss with some hits. I definitely understand the lower budget and having to work with that, but some of the digital effects were perhaps unnecessary.

The Conclusion

Ahockalypse is a terrible zombie film with a decent concept, the execution just doesn't deliver. There was lots of weak acting and with some minor good points, these were mostly hidden with just how sporadic it all was. The narrative was all over the place and they couldn't seem to decide the general direction of where the group was being taken.

At one point the situation is a weird lock-up, the next they're going down the streets to then suddenly be in a freaky kid based zombie situation. Plot points are left hanging, the zombie rules kept changing which was weird. They should have just picked a theme and went with it. I suppose this is somewhat of a comedy that can deliver at times, but that needed to be presented better. This started out really cool as one guy just gets right into the zombie action, but then it becomes strange and mostly awkward.

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Rating Overall: 3.0

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