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Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer Analyzed

The Super Bowl always brings some of the best commercials and exciting TV ads for movies. With that we're taking a look at some screens taken from the epic Marvel Civil War Super Bowl trailer. Feel free to reply with thoughts of if you think we got something wrong when analyzing the trailer.

Check out Screenshots from the latest Trailer here

Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer

In this first shot we see Bucky all tied up to some strange machine with odd lights above him so we assume that this is when Cap first comes across is long lost friend.

Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer

The second interesting shot I took is part of a three screen capture I did with the neat wrist gadget that Tony Stark has. It appears that his watch actually can change into a bit of a glove and has been rumored to be a part of the "Bleeding Edge" armor that is very powerful within the Marvel universe and considered an ultimate Iron Man suit. This shot is just the start of the machine building itself.

Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer

This shot is the second extension of this scene showing the machine building the actual glove, they did a great job on the CGI with this one.

Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer

The final portion of this scene where Tony puts his gloved Iron Man hand up against a gun to stop a bullet that would have surely killed him. It seems that Bucky is trying to take out Stark for some reason.

Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer

I believe that this is Scarlet Witch after witnessing a building explode just a second ago so something is shocking her, looks like it takes place it Black Panther's home Wakanda.

Marvel Civil War Team Captain America Super Bowl Trailer

A full view of Team Captain America which features Falcon; Ant-Man (New Suit), Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, The Winter Soldier and Captain America.

Marvel Civil War Team Stark Super Bowl Trailer

Full view for Team Stark bringing with it Black Panther; Vision, Iron Man, Black Widow and War Machine. I also believe that Spiderman is part of this team though they're not allowed to market the character in the movie as that hasn't been worked out with Sony yet.

Marvel Civil War Super Bowl Trailer

List of hashtags for the film with Team Stark being down one member which I again assume is Spiderman unless there's another secret roster member such as Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel or another.

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