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The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 12 Discussion Explanation

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 12 "Not Tomorrow Yet" discussion. Spoilers Ahead

-AMC presents "Cooking with Carol"

-Savage break up between Abraham and Rosita with harsh words from Abraham. (COMIC POTENTIAL SPOILER) Could be signaling the end of Abraham in gruesome death.

-Group agrees to attach the Savior's base

-Morgan disagrees and is later seen creating a jail cell, (COMIC POTENTIAL SPOILER) future holding place of Negan.

-The attack goes too smooth with no injuries and Glenn makes his first kill(s).

-(COMIC POTENTIAL SPOILER)Potential foreshadowing with Glenn looking at beaten corpses with brains spilling out, from the comics Glenn has the same thing happen starting an all-out war.

-Additionally, Glenn has had too many close encounters so he may die in the future, but being such a fan favorite he may very well survive.

-Gabriel shows up strong making a kill and giving an amen in the process.
-Taking out the base was too easy, definitely just a satellite base (outpost) of the Saviors. The whole scene was well done with many deaths that were organized greatly despite seeming like a rush job, but nice to see the group take out so many.

-Daryl has found his motorcycle which angered him, but he's probably happy to get it back.

-Maggie and Carol get captured at the end, which was lame and seemed to forced. Looks like another group of Saviors led by a woman has taken them captive.

-Still no definite showing of Negan, will probably appear in the finale with a shocking ending.

-Overall a much quicker based episode which advanced the plot, but things will most likely slow down after this since the action can't always be this tense. If it continues to follow the comics then things will be going crazy up shortly with many deaths to follow.

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 12 Discussion Explanation

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