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Marvel Civil War Trailer 2 Analyzed

The Marvel Civil War Trailer 2 has dropped and we're analyzing what we've seen in this intense trailer that's full of amazing surprises and reveals for the characters. It seems like a much tenser trailer and the stakes have never felt so real in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film and Spiderman!

Marvel Civil War War Machine Shot Trailer

Thought I'd open up with this shot of War Machine getting his core shot out which causes him to spiral towards the ground extremely pissing off Iron Man.

Marvel Civil War Shield Prison Trailer

Here we have Tony Stark standing within a heavily fortified perhaps Shield base in the ocean which is meant to keep the dangerous away, could be Prison 47 from the comics or another prison from the comics.

Marvel Civil War Black Panther Trailer

From inside the UN building destruction, fairly sure this is the defining moment that causes him to become Black Panther seeing his father die in the explosion and putting him into the MCU mix.

Marvel Civil War Sokovia Act Trailer

The core Avengers team is going over events from previous movies in the MCU with Scarlett Witch getting emotional over the destruction of Sokovia. This prompts the team to be in check to the government and Tony Stark Agrees

Marvel Civil War Black Panther Trailer

Black Panther taking large caliber bullets making his suit seem invincible and likely made of Wakanda's powerful Vibranium metal.

Marvel Civil War Crossbones Super Bowl Trailer

Shot of Crossbones fighting Captain America in what's most likely an earlier part of the film.

Marvel Civil War Airport Battle Trailer

Pulled back shot of the huge Airport battle having both teams available in the shot in all its glory.

Marvel Civil War Captain America Webbed Trailer

This is where they introduce SPIDERMAN!!! which is ultimately exciting and you can Cap's shield being web slinged away, also note how Black Widow appears to be on Cap's side almost in this one or that's where the fight took her. Marvel Civil War Spiderman Trailer

The first shot of Spiderman after taking Captain America's shield and doing the whole heroic pose.

Marvel Civil War Spiderman Trailer

Better shot of Spiderman showing off the whole character design and damn does it capture the comic look perfectly. It also includes the Spiderman belt that hasn't been in previous Spiderman films and some neat side black bars pointing to Iron Man making the suit.

Marvel Civil War Spiderman Trailer

Final shot of Spiderman showing the moving eyes and just being a straight up amazing design. It truly captures the character and can't wait to see him in the full movie!

Article by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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