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The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 13 Discussion Explanation

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 13 "The Same Boat" discussion. Spoilers Ahead

-The episode took the style of a horror film with Maggie and Carol largely just being inside a processing plant
-The group is part of the Saviors and were all executed by the end of the episode
-Carol goes ham, killing most of them but at the same time seems to breaking down which could be a disappointing switch between her and the priest.
-Maggie also goes much more intense and crazy this time, but all this action could have an adverse affect on her child.
-Best death goes to Paula which was the red head, she gets impaled after a fight with Carol and then has her face bitten. Ultimately the zombie Paula gets put down by Maggie as they leave.
-Not a crazy episode in the overall scheme and more filler but still well done with tense action, but someone will need to die soon, seems like everyone is invincible.
-Abraham and Eugene seem to be going on a run next week, but signal the end of either.
-By the end it didn't seem like much happened over the episode and that's mostly because it's building towards the finale in a few episodes where something big will most likely happen.

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 13 Discussion Explanation

Article by: Jason Stettner

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