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Ghostbusters Better All Female Cast

After watching Ghostbuster (2016) I wasn't particularly thrilled by the cast aside from newcomer Kate McKinnon which played Jillian Holtzmann in the film. That being said I thought I'd come up with a more exciting cast for an all female Ghostbusters cast in case they try to redo the whole reboot with all women ago. Personally I'd like to see a mix perhaps or even to just let this series rest as the first two films are still classics. With that, here's my list.

Anna Kendrick - Dan Akroyd type role
Daisey Ridley - Harold Ramis type role
Aubrey Plaza - Ernie Hudson/Jillian Holtzmann type role
Emma Stone - Bill Murray type role

Ok, so that's my list of a younger cast though still one with some good comical potential. We have the currently big Anna Kendrick doing the whole fun and silly Ray type role. Then we have Daisey Ridley which is more serious, but she's still funny taking on an Egon type personality. I felt with Aubrey Plaza we could have her come in with that dry humor of being just that fourth member that's somewhat there being a regular person that's strange and wild as well. Finally Emma Stone has the skeptical yet totally ready to go and excited about the plan Venkman area of the team. This is just an idea for the cast, didn't think too much about side characters as I wanted to get the core group down. I also was considering doing a photoshopped picture of the team though that just didn't come out how I wanted so have this 2016 Ghostbusters squad photo below for whatever reason.

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Ghostbusters Better All Female Cast

Article by: Jason Stettner

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