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Justice League Trailer Analyzed

We were given an early tease of what's to be the Justice League movie and I grabbed some of the better stills from it. You can find these images below of the Justice League trailer analyzed including captures of The Flash in action, Aquaman and Cyborg among some other shots. If you feel I got anything wrong when briefly going over them be sure to let me know.

Check out Screenshots from the latest Trailer here

Justice League Trailer Aquaman Drinking

The first shot I've grabbed is one of Aquaman drinking, I found it to be quite funny. Then again, if you were Aquaman you'd probably be an alcoholic too.

Justice League Trailer Aquaman

Here's another shot of Aquaman where he's attempting to look all tough with the water of the sea around him. I honestly find the character quite hilarious in concept, but he does look rather tough here.

Justice League Trailer The Flash slow motion

This is the first shot of what The Flash sees when heading into slow motion, there appears to be lightning from his quick pace and everything slows right down exactly like the X-Men's Quicksilver. Batman is also shown here throwing a batarang if you haven't actually seen the trailer yet.

Justice League Trailer The Flash Costume

Another one for The Flash, but here we get to see him in full character which appears to be a more robotic take on his suit. The iconic flash icon is there, but he has a darker set of armor this time.

Justice League Trailer Cyborg

This also provides a good laugh as Cyborg looks just like a Nvidia graphics cards with a crazy red glow.

Article by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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