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Marvel Phase 4 Predictions

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is showing no signs of slowing down at this point and while that's grand it would appear that some of the older series of heroes might be getting removed in favor of a new generation. That's all fine and I thought it was time to predict just what might come out when Marvel reaches Phase 4 at the end of the Infinity War. To do so we first need to take a look at the MCU during 2019 and the films we'll currently see "Captain Marvel" and "Infinity War Part 2/Untitled Avengers Film" though I could see another film getting squeezed in there as well. With that let's dig into some predictions of what might fill in the next set of movies.

Most Likely
Spiderman 2: Untitled
-Sony took a hit to join the MCU and another Spiderman movie will follow Homecoming (2017) in phase 4

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
-Guardians is huge with a crazy cast of growing characters and with continued success there will be Volume 3 in phase 4. The recent trailers for the film also help build towards that providing some extra hype and what seems to be an on par sequel.

Doctor Strange 2: Untitled
-Doctor Strange was yet another Marvel hit with a fantastic cast and perfectly displaying the mystical side of things so a sequel definitely makes sense.

Ant-Man 3: Untitled
-I feel that following Ant-Man and the Wasp this group will be primed for a third movie growing largely awareness and filling a smaller side role in the universe.

Black Panther and Captain Marvel
-These will both probably get sequels though being later on they might be in phase 5, but Captain Marvel is supposed to be a big player in the upcoming phases so she might get a quick sequel.

New Avengers
-There are obviously be more key Avengers type groupings, we'll just see if they carry the "Avengers" title or mix it up with some new version

Marvel Civil War Sheild Clash Wallpaper
Less Likely
The Fantastic Four
-I have a strong feeling that Fox has given the rights back to Marvel in exchange for their X-Men TV show, so I see this possible happening.

Iron Man 4
-Iron Man has always been the face of the MCU and while Tony Stark is aging I can still see them doing another entry as there are many apparent cameos for the character in upcoming movies.

Captain America
-Captain America is a big deal in the Marvel universe and a film with that title will eventually release again, it just might not have Steve Rogers at the helm.

-Originally slated to end Phase 3 I feel this one might just slip away as its just been put on indefinite hold. It also might come in the way of a TV movie special as that's apparently been mentioned before.

Would be Cool
Howard the Duck
-He's in the universe and I could see them doing another try at Howard the Duck, but mostly to make up for the horrible original movie.

Squirrel Girl
-She's fairly popular in the comics at this point and I could see it coming to the light with say Anna Kendrick as being my pick for the role.

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Marvel Phase 4 Predictions

Article by: Jason Stettner

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