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The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 7 Discussion Explanation

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 7 "Sing Me a Song" discussion. Spoilers Ahead

-Somewhat of a filler episode that will develop characters.
-It appears this episode is directly taking a page from the comic in capturing the tour of Negan's facility by Carl.
-Carl and Jesus are hiding in the back of a truck, Jesus takes lead hopping out though Carl stays behind.
-Carl shoots some of Negan's men out from the back of the truck, Negan likes this and takes Carl on a tour. Daryl watches from inside a zombie fence area. It's actually hilariously silly that Carl didn't just shoot Negan instead of chatting with him, guess that's poor plot armor at work again.
-Negan displays his power over the many people that work for him and shows Carl his wives. Also hands him a beer, nothing much else going on.
-Negan deals with his bride's as they have some issues, Darly brings a fruit plate for the group.
-Spencer discusses to the Gabriel about perhaps killing Rick which directly follows the comics and his recent thoughts. He will most likely die attempting such a stupid thing, should be interesting.
-Negan and Carl talk in his private room and wants to get to know Carl. Negan demands Carl show him what's left of his eye and it's pitch black. Carl cries while Negan makes comments and Negan then feels bad about it. Negan makes Carl sing a tune.
-Negan burns some guys face with an iron, we only get to see some skin being pulled off of it.
-Spencer collects a bow from the forest, perhaps to kill Rick with.
-Eugene and Rosita head over to the bullet factory.
-Negan takes Carl on a ride home while Jesus rides the top of the vehicles. Basically the entire thing is right from the comics.
-There's an awful lot of commericals in these extended episodes, it's actually ridiculous. While there are some important moments here, they need better summary.
-Michonne surprises a lady and has her drive to Negan.
-Carl takes Negan on a tour or more like a hilarious Carl shrugging in the background while Negan has a grand time. Best part of the whole season actually.
-Spencer finds plans of a guy that had caches.
-Negan dressed like Rick drinking some lemonade while holding Judith. Carl is unimpresssed, these parts have been hilarious.

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