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The La La Land Soundtrack is Incredible

La La Land is one of the best and most beautiful movies I've ever seen with one particular aspect that truly stands out. That of course being the soundtrack which is one of the best set of original songs for a movie in quite awhile. La La Land is a musical for those that haven't seen it yet (you definitely should) so it features a wide range of music portions that spring up across the film. Somewhat Spoilerish from here. The movie actually opens up with a musical number which was a pleasant surprise. This features a selection of random drivers stuck in LA overpass gridlock that decide to leave their vehicles to dance and sing. The song is titled "Another Day of Sun" from the La La Land Cast and somewhat fables the outline of the movie and this can be realized once it's listened to afterwards. This song also goes on about the magic of cinema and its alluring light. It's a cheerful tune that sets the stage for the story to follow and was purely a happy moment.

Moving forward the next musical portion gives us insight into what Mia's (Emma Stone) character is looking for with "Someone in the Crowd" by Emma Stone. This is followed by the romantic pairing theme of "Mia and Sebastian's Theme" from Justin Hurwitz which is a sombering tune that connects the leads. These two songs are fantastic to listen to in context of the movie and without it.

La La Land Wallpaper
Time passes in the film with some great covers and eventually the second best tune in the film, "Lovely Night" a combination of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone that are singing in a mockery type way about the night. This is song is somewhat brief in terms of singing, but a lovely tune and moment that helps build the rest of the movie.

A couple other great songs to check out would be "Planetarium" from Justin Hurwitz which is a piano tune while the two dance into the mystical sky and "City of Stars" from Ryan Gosling which is more somber track about his character dreaming of what's to come.

The final song to mention is the "Epilogue" which is once again from Justin Hurwitz, this tune is a beautiful and epic combination of every song from the entire film. Its incredible how well the songs mesh together and in the context of the film it plays in one of the more intriguing portions of the entire thing during an imaginative scene of what could have been. The soundtrack for La La Land was amazing and I definitely suggest checking it out, but it's probably even better if you watch the movie first.

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Article by: Jason Stettner

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