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Justice League Trailer Analyzed

Collected are some screenshots and thoughts on the Justice League trailer. This trailer gave away no story spoilers which was awesome and instead displayed a couple new brief moments. This was a nice change of pace as the Batman V Superman trailer gave away far too much. It was an interesting presentation of the Justice League showing some origin thoughts on how they were recruited though I'm somewhat iffy on it. We also got a small look at Lois Lane looking sad, the new Commissioner Gordon (J.K Simmons) and the strange bugs I presume are Darkseid's Parademons. I've included some frozen shots from the trailer below with brief summaries on the pictures and why I grabbed them. I think Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash and strangely Aquaman look badass though Cyborg looks awkward for some reason.

Justice League Batman Silver Gliding Trailer

This doesn't have much going on, but thought it looked really intense having Batman swinging in despite orange plasma type shots being sent in his direction.

Justice League Aqauman Trident v Bug Trailer

The trailer really didn't give a great solid viewing of these bug creatures that I assume are Darkseid's Parademons. This shot is also somewhat awesome as Aquaman aims the trident and throws it at them.

Justice League Wonderwoman, Aquaman and Cyborg Trailer

My favorite shot from the trailer is the combination of Wonderwoman, Aquaman and Cyborg standing in full aggression mode. I assume that's an enemy ship of sorts and they're ready to fight. I will note that while the two on the left look great, Cyborg doesn't quite look real and comes across as awkward CGI.

Justice League Commissioner Gordon and Batman Trailer

J.K Simmons is killing it as Commissioner Gordon here talking to Batman about how it's nice he has new friends and Wonderwoman chilling in the background.

Justice League Battle scene amazons versus Darkseid's Parademons Trailer

The final capture is of the large scale battle between what I believe are Wonderwoman's people battling a horde of the bug creatures I'm currently thinking are Darkseid's Parademons. It's a somewhat epic large scale CGI fight so hopefully it looks awesome in the film.

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