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The Walking Dead Season 7: The Worst Ever

The Walking Dead Season 7 has just wrapped up with what was essentially the worst season of the show ever and a landslide in ratings to match it. There are a number of factors involved with the decline and I thought it would be great go over what's led to this point. Coming off of the piss poor season 6 ending that really scuffed a great moment. This caused nothing but anger among fans, so there was already some hate going into the season. There were many that felt betrayed by this cheap move to generate hype and it obviously didn't work.

They then went on to provide a slow whirl around episode before killing two key players including Glenn. Glenn was a big part of the show and an original from the start, so you're going to lose some people there. It was just somewhat surprising considering how poorly he was treated in season 6 having terribly awful almost dead fake out moments to the point of fans not caring. Another huge aspect of why there were issues with Season 7 was that most of the episodes were extended. I'm not one to complain about getting more of what I like, but all of the episodes with extra time didn't need it and they only dragged on. It felt like this was a ploy to get more commercials in for what's already a stuffed show. The episodes gave extra fatigue as they never did anything and just wandered aimlessly about the convoluted story line.

Carol and Ezkiel The Walking Dead Season 7

Things grew too fast this season in terms of communities and where the focus was. Each of the key characters were all over the place as was the story never focusing on anything. They also continued the trend of having whole episodes dedicated to characters that couldn't carry a full episode, looking at you Tara and the fish people. There was also a terrible trend towards just how garbage the budget is for this show. The tiger looks surprisingly good, but at the cost of other aspects. The obvious paper backgrounds were the next level of atrocious and that deer, I'll never forget that deer of nightmares. To build on that, it's amazing they could make such a cool setting such as an amusement park into something boring.

The survivors are also facing poor writing as stories don't make sense, decisions are horrible and so many aspects of the show don't build to anything exciting. Its fine for a show to have clichés, but you can only recycle things so much. People are probably tired of seeing the group beaten down to a point where it doesn't reflect their past experiences and it's boring. I liked the ending aspect with Sasha, but we didn't need such a daunting build up to it and we've seen enough of her and Rosita whining. The Garbage Pail Kids (dump people) were the worst thing ever not making any sense in a practical way and were the most predictable thing I've ever seen on a TV Show.

Things on The Walking Dead have gotten bad this season, they've taken heavy viewer hits and don't seem to want to change. The last segment of the last episode was decent with action though still average when compared to other shows on TV. It just seems more exciting based on the boring rest of the season. Season 8 is looking up based on the plot they're going to be doing, but the damage is probably already done. There's far too much filler now, they don't know what to do with the characters and there seems to be no care on improving the time they have. Instead they'd rather add a couple extra minutes where it's obviously not needed. Also, nice to have Carol and Morgan back though they were terribly handled for the majority of the season. The list could go on, but I've covered enough of the key points.

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