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Ready Player One Video Game References

The first reveal of Ready Player One from Steven Spielberg is chalked full of references and while pop culture is fun, I enjoy gaming. With that, I thought I'd work on picking out all the Ready Player One Video Game references that were available. The collected images below showcase various weapons, logos and of course characters from the movie. If I missed anything, be sure to let me know though I feel fairly confident I've collected them all.

Ready Player One Halo and Duke Nukem

This area is filled with references though with this first shot the easiest things to identify include the Halo Assault Rifle and Duke Nukem. That's right, the popular main starter weapon from Halo is being used and even shot after with an intense close-up. The character holding a rocket launcher in the bottom right is the legend, Duke Nukem.

Ready Player One Lara Croft and Dizzy

Oh, it's just a bunch of people getting into cars. Well, that's true until you look at the top right. That's classic Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Dizzy (Gears of War) getting into a car together. Lara makes sense due to WB handling the Tomb Raider reboot but its odd seeing a Gear since Universal is working on the Gears of War movie.

Ready Player One Ryu Street Fighter

From the same scene in the top of the image is Ryu from Street Fighter. It's hard to tell with the way it pans, but that's definitely the character.

Ready Player One Atari

Front of the bike is the Atari logo, easy to see.

Ready Player One SEGA

The side of the bike after it turns is the classic SEGA logo, and Hello Kitty as well.

Ready Player One Joust

Many suggest the scorpion being ridden is from a Fallout: New Vegas DLC mission though I can't confirm that, but we do know those ostriches are from the classic Joust.

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