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Ready Player One Video Game References Official Trailer

Ready Player One has followed up from the initial stuffed first teaser trailer with the titled "official trailer". This one is packed with some more video game references and it looks rather intense. I went ahead and attempted to collect all the key characters I could from the various frozen frames that are more gaming focused. There's a ton of them and it's actually rather epic to see so many franchises present within one giant collection here with the film. I suppose that's the magic of Ready Player One, should be interesting to see how it all comes together though for now we get an epic battle teased. Aside from gaming, the Iron Giant and Chucky also appear. Ryu from Street Fighter is shown in the initial car scene, but I left that out of this collection since we have an image of him from the first teaser captures which has further gaming characters and that's linked below.

Ready Player One SEGA
This is an easier one, first off we have Tracer from Overwatch in the middle left and to her immediate right is Chun-Li from Street Fighter. To the left of Tracer you can see Lara Croft in her classic outfit with the dual pistols. Other than that we have a series of skeletons and perhaps someone between the two most forward characters that I first mentioned.

Ready Player One King Kong
That's King Kong, he's bigger in the movie world but has appeared in a number of games or well basically everything. It was too good a shot to pass on quite honestly.
Ready Player One Battle Scene
Sigh, ok this one is going to be intense. First off, we have the "El Dragón" from Battleborn on the far left. The center has the Battletoads leading the charge, never thought I'd ever see that to be honest. Someone appears to be riding an ostrich from the classic Joust. It's just so dense with characters and the trailer quality even in HD isn't sharp enough to help further.

Ready Player One Harley Quinn and Joker
Here's Harley Quinn and the Joker, both seem to have modern appearances yet not the strange ones from Suicide Squad. I believe they're from the Arkham series.

Ready Player Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
This I'm not entirely familiar with, but I've got it picked out as a Gundam character from the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series. I can't go into further details than that, but if you're a fan I sure you're well aware of it. It's apparently the RX-78-2.

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