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Marvel Infinity War Trailer Analyzed

It's almost time for Infinity and Beyond as Marvel works towards the epic conclusion of everything they've been building with their universe thus far. That's right, all the phases so far have been working towards the battle with Thanos and with that we've finally had the Infinity War Trailer grace our presence with so much action within a short period of time. After many continued viewings I've captured a selection of frozen stills from it that showcase various characters and events. I'm then going to break down what's going on as well as analyze the key moments for what they could be telling us in regards to what will happen in the film.

Marvel Infinity War Iron Spider Trailer
I thought I'd open with this incredible Iron Spider suit, it looks amazing and will hopefully give our young take on the hero a proper chance against the many threats that are sure to follow int he battle with Thanos.

Marvel Infinity War Thor Trailer
Just a shot of Thor with the newly missing eye holding a structure, thought it was best to include the character since he's not really grouped up with anyone during the trailer.

Marvel Infinity War Hulkbuster Trailer
A new and improved Hulkbuster returns while battling at Wakanda (Black Panther), unsure if this is directly Tony Stark taking point or one of his autonomous creations.
Marvel Infinity War Thanos Trailer
Thanos is looking rather tough currently holding two of the stones, Space and Power. Power was located in Xandar when we last saw it. Loki gives the Space gem located within the Tesseract to Thanos in the trailer. It was previously located in Asgard prior to the events of Ragnarok.

Marvel Infinity War Wakanda Battle Trailer
The all out war that I assume will be the end of the film. We have from the left; War Machine, The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Okoye, Black Panther and Falcon.

Marvel Infinity War Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
The Guardians of the Galaxy as shown at the end of the trailer, they meet with Thor after he crashes on their ship. From the left; Starlord, Teenage? Groot, Gamora, Mantis, Rocket and Drax.

Marvel Infinity War Vision Trailer
Vision getting that mind gem taken right from his head or at least held down by it. He's also shown as a regular human earlier, it'll be interesting to see if the character makes it which I quite honestly doubt.

Marvel Infinity War Black Widow Trailer
Black Widow is in hiding with Captain America and others in Wakanda, she has a dark battle suit and blond hair now.

Marvel Infinity War Iron Man Dr Strange Trailer
This is from first impact at New York, we have a legendary group here with Tony Stark at the front; Doctor Strange to his left, to the right is Bruce Banner and further over is Wong.

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