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Avengers: Infinity War Death Predictions

It's been an incredible journey to see so many iconic Marvel characters hit the screen with many unique stories and even some surprises along the way. It's all been leading towards Infinity and the ultimate battle against Thanos. This story is too big for one film however and is going to lead right into the fourth Avengers. We're not sure what's going to happen, there are many conflicting expectations and while putting those aside here are the Avengers: Infinity War death predictions. Which heroes will fall, what ones will be left. I'll be breaking this down with thoughts on why, also additional comment perhaps on how or when this may happen. It'll be a long battle against Thanos and I do expect there to be a mix of casualties across the two films. I've broken this down into safe characters, neutral and ones we do think death is coming for.

Who's Safe
Captain Marvel
Black Panther
Doctor Strange
Scarlet Witch

Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and Wasp all have many movies to go so these are easy safe characters. Groot is too much of a fan favorite for merchandise and he's already died unsuccessfully. I'd say Scarlet Witch is safe, she's a later join and will bridge the next step for the next Avengers.
Avengers Infinity War Thanos Wallpaper
Neutral, May or May Not
Black Widow
War Machine

Black Widow could go either way here, not too sure as they may want to use her as a minor character in the future. Hulk is another maybe, he's been good for team-ups and may hop into future movies. I'd lean more towards death however. Gamora and Starlord are core players in Guardians of the Galaxy and Volume 3 is confirmed so I imagine they'll be alright whereas Rocket could be the one to go as he did grow up a bit in Volume 2. With Valkyrie I'm not too sure how big of a role she'll have here, I imagine there will be some sort of mention at least since she's with Thor at the end of Ragnarok. War Machine was just injured critically in Civil War so perhaps they'll finish him off here to conclude the Iron Man line-up entirely.

Who’s Gonna Die
Captain America
Iron Man (4th)
Nebula (4th)
Nick Fury

The original cast will be cleared out with their contracts ending, some will make it to four and some won't. Vision will perish as Thanos needs his Infinity Stone. Hawkeye, the time has come. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Loki have all had full runs with this being their end. I imagine the big hitters will make it to four just for marketing but expect them all to be finished by the end and I don't think it'll be filled with happy conclusions. Drax's main goal is revenge and this is the key point for that to finish his story. Nebula could stick around for Volume 3 of Guardians, but I see her story concluding in the fourth one. I feel that goes over all the important characters well and sorts them into survival pools.

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