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Avengers: Infinity War Easter Eggs

One of the best parts of any Marvel film is finding the many hidden Easter Eggs. With that, here are the many hidden secrets and callbacks to previous entries in Avengers: Infinity War. Hopefully there are some you missed and perhaps all of the key ones that have been found thus far. There are obviously going to be spoilers if you somehow haven't seen the film.

-Stan Lee, right near the start as a bus driver for the class Peter Parker (Spiderman) is part of. "Haven't you kids seen a spaceship before?"

-Heimdall's “All-fathers, please let the dark magic flow through me one last time” is a reference to the first Avengers when Thor was sent to Earth. A question follows about the dark magic to conjure him in that film.

-Bruce Banner falling and arriving on Earth to meet Doctor Strange is exactly from the comics, except it's The Silver Surfer (currently at Fox).

-Kenneth Brannagh (director of Thor 1) is the distress signal voice from the cold open of the film.

-The writer Stephen McFeely is one of the secretaries with Thunderbolt Ross.
Avengers Infinity War Thanos Wallpaper
-When the Guardians of the Galaxy go to take on Thanos on Nowhere, Blue Tobias from Arrested Development can be seen in one of the Collector's Cages. It's not the actual actor however as he was busy directing.

-The Soul stone was used by Thanos to pick the real Doctor Strange.

-REDSKULL (last seen in Captain America: First Avenger).

-Redskull greets Thanos with "Welcome Thanos, son of A'lars", which is the first mention of Marvel's "The Eternals".

-Black Panther vs Cull Obsidian (The Black Dwarf) in one frame is directly adapted from the comics.

-Nidavellir, where Thor goes was mentioned in Thor: The Dark World.

-The statement "Fine, I'll do it myself" from Bruce Banner and being with the Hulkbuster is referencing Thanos when he grabbed the gauntlet in a prior film in the MCU.

-Peter Paker (Spiderman) wasn't scared of dying, it was his Spider-sense going crazy after just being awakened. He also says sorry as he knows how this will weigh on Tony Stark (Iron Man).

-The ending with Thanos at the farm and scarecrow wearing his armor is directly from the comics.

-The fingersnap from Thanos is right from the comics.

-Captain Marvel is teased post-credits.

-Adam Warlock was cut from the film, was supposed to be teased yet they had too many characters and not enough extra budget.

Well, that's all the Avengers: Infinity War easter eggs for now. There will probably be more after some additional views and I imagine the next step in the story will continue the trend with even more references. Did I miss anything neat? Let me know.

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