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Blood Fest Review

Blood Fest is somewhat of a parody take on the horror genre following a group of basically kids as they survive tropes of the genre. It's presented as a self-contained event where this group has been excited to attend as it's a festival for their favorite genre. There's said to be blood, iconic actors and so many things that are all about horror. They do a great job of presenting this type of event and really capturing that atmosphere. That sense of a larger scale vanishes rather quickly however.

It just seems somewhat generic as the group goes from spot to spot dealing with many things we've seen from the genre before. They showcase them with a joking attitude, but keep a serious tone as this is life or death. This essentially comes down to a group just walking from one horrific area to the next, at least there are no rules on survival as death is in abundance. There was a mix of quality for deaths as it looked rather fake most of the time. There were some small cameos thrown in as well if you're a fan of Roosterteeth type work.
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I thought the acting was generally fine, some of the background characters were a bit silly at times. They had some fun surprises thrown in and it's a decent mash-up of the genre in terms of the various elements that get thrown into play. I felt it sort of went off the rails towards the end getting weird.

I suppose there was somewhat of a surprise, but the visuals started to get toned down further in quality as it progressed. The ending was also just rather bizarre and I'm not sure what they were perhaps teasing or even suggesting. They had some neat layers to elements of the festival, but it would have been nice to see them established earlier.

The Conclusion

Blood Fest comes across as fairly generic taking parts from other horror films to only make a slight joke on them. It didn't seem like everyone was entirely into this and some of the cameos are specific in their target audience. The CGI is fairly awful at times and that takes away from the presentation. It has some great moments of horror that are well done, with these getting bogged down by the out of place worse looking shots.

The idea of Blood Fest is certainly interesting, that aspect seems unique and with some further adjustments this might have been really compelling. There are parts I really liked, and others that didn't come together well enough. The ending definitely was a tad strange when they were aiming for a shocking surprise, perhaps ending it earlier might have had a better effect.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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