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Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs

One of the best parts of any Marvel film, even a Fox one is finding the many hidden Easter Eggs. With that, here are the many hidden secrets and callbacks to various things in Deadpool 2. Hopefully there are some you missed and perhaps all of the key ones that have been found thus far. There are obviously going to be spoilers if you somehow haven't seen the film yet.

-To start off right, the end credits correct the timeline. Or, at least Deadpool's idea of what the correct timeline should be. He saves his love (Vanessa); saves X-Force hero Peter, eliminates the Wolverine: Origins Deadpool while chatting to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and then he concludes by killing Ryan Reynolds reading the Green Lantern script. All is well afterwards. This was perfect.

-The far end of the credits includes a small "Juggernaut" jingle/tune.
Deadpool 2 X-Force Wallpaper
-Stan Lee didn't directly appear, instead being spray painted on a building during the helicopter scene.

-Brad Pitt was the "Vanisher", appearing for seconds when being electrocuted.

-When on Juggernaut, Deadpool mentions "The sun's getting real low, big guy" which is a reference to what is used in the MCU to calm the Hulk down.

-There are many, many Marvel Cinematic Universe references and a few jabs at the DC universe.

-Deadpool plays with a special figure based on Wolverine dying at the end of "Logan", makes fun of the intense scene. He even foreshadows his death at the end. On top of that, Deadpool steals the Logan OST for his end death.

-Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk cameo as two men chatting on the back of a truck when Cable arrives for the first time.

-The First Class X-Men generation cameos when Deadpool is joking about the quiet mansion. This was apparently shot while they were working on Dark Phoenix.

-The dusty Deadpool outfit towards the end is a reference to his X-Force suit.

-A character from the Deadpool and Cable comic line is teased, Irene Merryweather is a reporter right at the start from the orphanage (apparently).

-The opening music video is a clear James Bond parody.

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