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Death Kiss Review

Death Kiss is a sort of revenge film that basically amounts to one guy walking around and shooting people almost randomly. There's a back story that's explored throughout the movie's run, but it's nothing complex and easy to unravel right off the bat. It's really just poorly put together and mostly a terrible viewing. It amounts to a guy walking, shooting and then taking money.

The Stranger (Robert Bronzi) is this mysterious man trying to do something good, by doing a lot of bad. Against him are some people that do terrible things and that's really driven home. Between these segments is a guy spouting off nonsense into a microphone as a talk show host, it's surprising folks listen to him. The narrative is slow, which is surprising considering the run time and it's just not enjoyable or really interesting at all.
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The acting in Death Kiss was horrible, it was just bad. There are so many scenes that felt stretched out, like this one where a guy was yelling to be killed. I think the actor was bored of having to repeat the line as he said the same phrase over, and over. Most of this didn't make any sense and it was sporadic nonsense.

The Stranger did somewhat look badass at times, but the action scenes weren't tense or exciting. He would just walk up and shoot someone. There were a ton of choppy cuts and it wasn't shot very well either. The perspectives could have been better and it would have been nice to see some more wide shots of the action.

The Conclusion

Death Kiss is a horrible film lacking a cohesive plot while being a series of random killings held together by sporadic scenes. The acting is awful, there really were no stand outs here. This was all over the place and it's somehow slow despite being a film of revenge. I will give praise to the guns, the blood effect was hit or miss though the bullet shots were impressive.

The guns had a nice sense of firing to them and the effects afterwards of the bullets interacting with the environment were solid. That was basically the only thing I liked here. Well, that and The Stranger with his no care attitude which I found rather humorous. It was quite a waste of my time, I wouldn't suggest this. There's a neat idea here, the execution just makes it a rough viewing.

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Rating Overall: 1.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner