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I Kill Giants Review

I Kill Giants is a lovely film that follows one young girl that's attempting to deal with monsters that threaten her town. There's more to it however as she's mostly a regular person with some serious issues. It does play the line well between reality and what's going on being an enchanting journey with some sorrowing elements. Things start out rather simply as the lead Barbara (Madison Wolfe) works on creating traps and defensive points against the giants that plague the world.

She's then quickly joined by a new student and her eventual friend Sophia (Sydney Wade). They form an odd yet true friendship as things progress and as the core mystery gains some clarity. Something is not quite right and it reveals itself in a well thought out way. Everything was handled in a realistic and stylized presentation that fits the type of narrative this is. It actually felt somewhat plausible and that fit in well for making this type of problem be conveyed in a meaningful way.
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Another element that helped with the realism was the way it was shot. It's a beautiful looking film with wide open landscapes and gritty action scenes. The CGI is excellent and the stormy mood of the town is perfectly presented. The pacing was great and it was a very capturing movie. I was really into the experience and felt the battle scenes were rather epic. It was also nice how they layered extra elements through what was going on in the front of the experience. The acting was excellent, the young girls did great with their performances of individuals just trying to get through life while also having a sense of difficult monsters in the background.

The Conclusion

I Kill Giants was a great film, it has some underlying tones that help make it emotional while still being exciting to watch. The CGI was handled well looking great against the dark aesthetic and I liked how well the realistic sense of what was going was balanced against the mystical. The world was gorgeous, quite gritty and the lead's costume was awesome. She really rocked that strange look and did so in a way that fit into everything else that was going. It's a nice mystery that unravels itself in a way that does matter throughout the narrative. You may get a sense of things as events progress, but I felt it was hidden well enough to keep you intrigued throughout. It could also be a decent way at presenting how one might deal with an issue of this type.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

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