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Knuckleball Review

Knuckleball is a fairly straight forward battle between two core individuals. A young boy is left all alone in the middle of the cold country side. Another local kid that's much older is also in the area and perhaps a cause of this unfortunate situation. Whatever the case, the two become acquainted and it turns into a long locked situation of life or death. It's not a great setup for either as it comes down to a hunting style situation that I'd compare to Home Alone.

This is certainly a lot more focused on gore and it delivers on some slightly more visceral scenes. It had moments of tension, but generally felt very slow with the pacing. It had some solid points to it, yet still dragged on a bit with a focus on such a small quantity of characters. The motivations felt a bit off and I wasn't sure of why some surprises came about. It'll slightly twist and turn, but it keeps thing straight forward within a small area.
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The presentation was great here with some beautiful cinematography. The scenes felt very graphic and the traps were creative. It just didn't seem to have a lot to it with surprises that felt more random than necessary. I thought they could have built more of a connection between the key characters as that might have made the decisions more impactful. I was actually surprised that there wasn't more of a motivation presented. There were also some extra characters that felt awkward and more or less added a small bit of padding.

The Conclusion

Knuckleball is an alright gore filled take on Home Alone making it a deadlock between a party of two. The visceral scenes were solid, the traps were creative and they used the limited open space well. It looked mostly beautiful to look at being well shot. It was just really boring and the pacing felt off. The tension was there at times, but the concept was spread too thin and perhaps having more parties involved or a longer regular time with them would have been better. It didn't hold back which was great and it has some unique moments that should provide somewhat of a surprise.

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Rating Overall: 5.0

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