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Little Italy Review

Little Italy has a lot going on in a small package; it tries to balance three different but similar storylines. The first being the main focus point of the film. After passing her cooking course Nikki Angioli (Emma Roberts) has to go back to Little Italy, in Toronto while her visa transfers over. While she’s back at home she runs into her childhood best friend and crush Leo Campo (Hayden Christensen) she now has to try to deal with that budding romance like every romantic comedy ever.

The second story line may be just as big as the first since both Leo’s and Nikki’s fathers Vince (Gary Basaraba) and Sal (Adam Ferrara) respectively; having been fighting for years and nobody knows why. Lastly, the third line is that Leo’s grandpa and Nikki’s grandma have been seeing each other secretly, behind the families’ back. Though the movie is heavily focused on the romance of the relationships, there is also quite a bit of humour to go along with it and the bartender Luigi (Andrew Phung) is the main provider of it.
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Veteran director Donald Petrie handled the splitting and screen times between the three story lines well, everything flowed and nothing seemed over the top. The on screen chemistry between the pairs was great, whether it was sexual tension, anger towards each other, or anything in the middle.

I was a little worried to see Christensen cast, just for the fact that he hasn’t really done much since “Star Wars” but he actually did a great job (showing why the Emperor picked him) in the film and he didn’t he even seem rusty in the slightest. With a heavy weight like Emma Roberts co-starring to carry him if he needed it fits so well. Throw in all the support cast and you can see the dedication put into the film. Little Italy takes place in Toronto, and it looks great with beautiful sights, bright colours, and authentic looks. The movie is filmed fully in Toronto making is a fully Canadian movie. Little Italy does a great job showing the Italy culture, and their love for food and family.

The Conclusion

Little Italy is a retaliate Rom-com that is very enjoyable to watch. It keeps the audience engaged, active, and laughing. Little Italy is a tear jerker, that tags at your heart strings, but it also makes you smile and laugh. The film has what feels to be a perfect blend of romance and comedy, with a pinch of cooking. It really makes you feel for the cast during the whole film.

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Rating Overall: 7.2

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