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Maximum Impact Review

Maximum Impact is one randomly weird film that follows a bunch of bumbling agents. It really doesn't make much sense and just sort of rambles along throughout. The opening setup shows promise and then it becomes sporadic nonesense. It's mostly puzzling as it goes from a serious situation to one that's geared towards apparently being funny? It could have kept the serious elements, or at least just removed them entirely as the tonal shifts are beyond bizarre. It might have been better if it didn't start with that sort of setup and just ignored it entirely.

Anyways, the general plot follows this group of agents as they attempt to assist in a kidnapping. This individual is of high importance being connected to the political dealings, this leads into some wild hijinks. There's a sort of action to it, but it's more goofy than anything. I didn't find it funny at all, but I will say there was some chemistry between the cast. At least, with the ones that matter as there were so many random people in this group. It was too large and many had zero importance in what was happening.
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The acting wasn't great and there were far too many characters. Most of them had little to no importance, but I will say the core duo had some minimal chemistry. It really wasn't clear what exactly was going and some of the side plot points had little to no impact on the overall tale. It jumped from area to area coming up with things on the fly, at least that's how it felt.

They should have focused on making this just a kiddnapping sort of situation and a duo in this comical situation trying to figure it out. I think they were aiming more for action and I'm not sure they delivered on that by the end of it all. I didn't really get any laughs in, I did think the random style was fun at times. The young couple could have had more danger as their situation was too relaxing and the movie just didn't feel cohesive in general.

The Conclusion

Maximum Impact is a very odd film that's not really sure what it's trying to present. The tone was all over the place going from serious action, to comical random moments and then concluding with silliness. There wasn't a very high quality to it and I didn't find it to be a very cohesive experience. I suppose I had some fun with it, but I was mostly just confused as to what was happening. The events just seemed to be happening and the whole setup didn't make much sense. Too many useless side characters and that detracted from what was going on as they didn't serve any sort of purpose.

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Rating Overall: 2.0

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