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Born in China Review

Born in China is a Disneynature film that follows various animals from China in a journey around the seasons of life. Its shot in a documentary format though is much less serious than typical ones and more aimed towards entertainment. While this is fine as the younger and general audiences will find it fine, I was still anticipating some more serious tones considering the state of the animals in the modern time. That aside, it does bring in that magic Disney narrative by having it be a circle of life story.

The narration is voiced by John Krasinski that brings a wide variety of tones with some over overly emoted sections, but for the most part does a solid job of describing what's going on. The core animals that are followed in this film include a Panda, a Monkey and a Leopard while having each separate narrative follow them as an individual within a group. There were other animals as well, but with how minor they were I didn't quite see the point of having them quite honestly.

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The Panda is a mother with this segment following the early years of how one of these friendly creatures learns to survive. The Monkey is a young male that's attempting to deal with being left out of his core family and not knowing what to do. The third core animal was a Leopard mother and that followed the challenges of how she provided for her cubs. The Panda story was aimed towards a fun, loving atmosphere. This was follow by the Monkey that had more of an all-around story and then the Leopard finished it off with a harsh look at the wild life. The look and feel of the film captured the documentary style perfectly. The scenes were very pleasing to the eye and it was certainly fun to watch.

The Conclusion

If you're a fan of nature and like any of these creatures, then you'll most certainly like this look at nature in China. It's got a more entertaining element to it so it's not just an educational look at the region. It brought in a special Disney style by showing multiple seasons and it was darker than I had anticipated. It doesn't really hold back on some aspects which is good since that makes it feel real. There were some things that could have been improved, but definitely a solid look at the animals with Disneynature's Born in China.

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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner