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Black Rose Review

Black Rose is a combination of a light thriller and a buddy cop comedy to some extent. It's hard to describe actually as the film played along the lines of a plain situation. There have been a string of murders against young women in Hollywood with the symbol being a black rose. It's a unique symbol and while it starts out interesting, it just somewhat becomes generic. The LAPD is entirely incompetent so they call in a Russian Major, Vladimir (Alexander Nevsky) for whatever reason to help out. He gets paired up with Emily (Kristanna Loken) and the two go look for clues. This has them deal with a number of situations and following clues as the killer begins to taunt them. I found some elements of the story interesting, but it really wasn't that exciting or creative. It also had a tad too many cheesy portions for a film that felt as though it wanted to be treated as serious.

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The acting was fine with some chemistry and charisma between the two leads though it wasn't very interesting. The story was fine though predictable and even despite that I'm not sure why since all the reveals felt random. The look of the film wasn't distinct either with some regular sets and underwhelming cinematography. It's hard to write about as there just wasn't much going on. They basically have some funny introductions, meet and then go to some crime scenes. There's no suspense, little action and not much of a chase.

The Conclusion

Black Rose just somewhat happens, and while I sound negative it was generally an extremely average film. There were some cheesy portions that weren't entirely fun, but an alright movie to watch. The acting ranged from decent with the leads to somewhat poor with the supporting group. The narrative wasn't anything new to see with an underwhelming build to something that was finished rather swiftly. It just didn't hold my interest and I didn't enjoy watching it as the film didn't know what genre it was. It didn't present its material in a creative way with just the symbols they sought after being interesting.

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Rating Overall: 5.2

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