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Baywatch Review

Baywatch is a reboot/remake of the TV Series that followed a group of lifeguards as they protected the bay. This is a modern take on the concept bringing with it a raunchy type humor and some decent laughs. I personally enjoyed the film finding it humorous, having an alright story and containing the right balance of action. It certainly wasn't anything too amazing being above average, but an enjoyable film and one that provided a good laugh throughout. Mitch (Dwayne Johnson) is the man on the beach as the lead of the team, making sure that the place runs smoothly.

Everything is thrown off as he discovers drugs and decides to rally the team to do something about it. To the side of that, Matt Brody (Zac Efron) an Olympic Gold medalist that has fallen from fame gets sent to them on probation. With some other fun recruits such as the lovely Summer (Alexandra Daddario) and the regular guy Ronnie (Jon Bass) they integrate with the team. They earn their ranks by taking on the rigorous training course and then putting their skills to the test a few times. After they've worked together for a bit, Mitch tells them what they really do at the beach. This leads them investigate what's going on at the bay despite it clearly being pointed out that they are not the law.

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Baywatch was surprisingly beautiful and cinematic to look at, I was certainly surprised by this. They had some great shots of the beach, characters and the action was well paced. I also found the comedy to be well done with most gags and jokes landing well. The theater also seemed to be into it for most of the jokes and I had a good time watching it. There were of course some cameos present from past characters and these worked well into it. The story wasn't overly dramatic, but had some unexpected twists and it was nice to see they weren't afraid to go all out with whatever was happening. The acting was also fine from the squad with just a bit more from Dwayne being desired, but this was very much Efron's story of looking for purpose.

The Conclusion

I certainly enjoyed Baywatch, it was hilarious and one of the best comedies from the year so far. I was expecting something average and it certainly rose above this to deliver an entertaining film. It's definitely a perfect summer movie with how its setup and I think that many will enjoy it. The film carries a solid cinematic look with action that is displayed for easy viewing and a decent story with some unique turns to tie it altogether. I'm fairly sure this one will do well from its cast, to concept and the deliverance on the comedy.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner