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Cars 3 Review

Cars 3 is the triumphant return of Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), the animated film is written by Disney’s Pixar division. The audience is thrust right into McQueen winning various races, still number one on the competitive scene. Suddenly, he is blindsided by a new; younger, faster generation with Jackson Strom (voiced by Armie Hammer) as the face of the improved new series of competitors. After suffering a fatal and devastating crash McQueen is forced out of the racing scene. For McQueen to climb his back to the top, he enlists the help of a new young trainer Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo) to help him become better and faster than ever before. The film then takes the audience through McQueen and Cruz’s journey.

It was nice to see how well the old and the new cast blend together for the third installment in the Cars franchise, and good to see McQueen back in his element. Owen and the rest of the old cast got an ending of sorts, whereas Alonzo and the new cast got their start in the Cars universe. However, the film felt unnecessary, barely any new ideas and story that felt jarred at some points as just a rehashed version of the first movie. The animation for the film looked great, and the actors seemed to generally care for the movie. It was a nice family movie, with enough aspects for the parents to keep them intrigued through the whole film. Seeing Cars 3 in 3D really added to the experience.

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Cars 3 is supposed to be a comedy, the audience didn’t react in that way. There was little to no laughing, from Parents and children alike. The movie targets the pre-teen age group, but very few in that age group understand the themes explored within the film. The plot holes in the film kept the children asking questions, which should already have an answer.

The Conclusion

Although the movie and Lightning McQueen started off firing on all cylinders, it slowed down quickly and became disappointing by the end of the film. Pixar could not come up with new ideas for the film, in doing so wasting the very talented cast of (Wilson, Hammer) to name the key actors. If you’re looking for a nice family film, Cars 3 is the one for you. With a few laughs and parts of the story that just felt out of the way; Cars 3 is not one of Disney Pixar’s best work. The animation was fantastic though and seeing the film in 3D really added to experience. Regardless, I’m sure the movie will do great being a Pixar film.

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Review for Cars 3 at Theater with 3D Viewing
Screening Provided by Walt Disney Studios

Rating Overall: 6.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey