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Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver does a stellar job of mixing together a simple and well known concept of driving with adrenaline pumping music. It comes up with the perfect excuse in doing so and it all feels like a natural progression as this driver attempts to deal with the life of being a getaway driver. While not everything in life is a choice, it's best to do what you can with it and Baby (Ansel Elgort) is damn good at driving. Not only is the action exciting, but the simple story is also delightful. There's great pacing and a solid selection of scenes to tell a story that I didn't expect going in. The heists are creative as are the fantastic squad of actors behind them and the getaway scenes were thrilling. This selection of robbery locations was rather interesting and it nice to see security guards that were engaged with what was happening instead of being useless. It was such a different type of film and the way music is used to drive the narrative was just exciting.

Baby Driver Wallpaper of the crew

Aside from Baby really rocking his hardcore driving role I found Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey to be excellent. Both brought such life to their characters and while the others that rounded out this group were great, these two really were intense in how they performed. The soundtrack is an excellent selection of tracks with many I hadn't heard and the editing was perfect. There was a lovely mix of cinematography and style that made the well selected music groove right along. The placements for certain beats to events was great and it helped to add something unique to the movie.

The Conclusion

Baby Driver is an excellent film and one of my favorites from the year. It's just such a different type of film without ever straying from its focus and being a unique take on a well known genre. The acting was solid with Baby really igniting the music and that aspect kicked it all into high gear. The chase scenes were exciting with the movie having more depth than I had originally anticipated. There's a fantastic soundtrack, well known actors that performed great and a plot that one wouldn't expect going into it. This will definitely be a solid selection for a film that I could watch multiple times without getting bored.

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Review for Baby Driver at Theater with Standard Viewing

Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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