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Once Upon a Time in Venice Review

I'm not sure what the goal was for Once Upon a Time in Venice as the plot just meanders across various side stories. It's essentially a combination of odd ball events that weren't all that exciting as one man somewhat was looking for his dog. Well, this wasn't the main goal at first and that's where the story comes in as being all over the place throughout. There's a pile of side characters with some popular appearances yet no one was used very well and it seemed to just be a casual shoot I suppose. While the plot was horrible to a degree some of it was fun and I got a laugh occasionally. It really was just Bruce Willis as Steve running around wildly doing his thing. Nothing was serious and while not as good as his usual work of this type he was alright. It was also oddly narrated by Thomas Middleditch and I wasn't a fan of that as it didn't capture my interest.

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I did like Steve's friend Dave (John Goodman) as that character was strange and out for whatever. I'm also not sure what was going on with the main contact for most of it named Spider (Jason Momoa) as he ranged from terrible to this is totally a mockery of gangsters right? That was a lot of the film, in that it was bad. I didn't ever feel very excited except for the first few minutes of a chase scene and it just floated by. The camera work wasn't that great not showcasing Venice very well and the acting was below average. I've seen few movies try to stuff so many things in at once and it's a wonder I was even able to keep track of all the little things which I believe were almost all tied up by the end.

The Conclusion

Once Upon a Time in Venice was mostly confusing and just piled on random crap. There was too much that happened and while I get what they were going for, the execution wasn't great. It used its cast in a rather odd way considering how much talent showed up with most of it being wasted. The action didn't keep me interested aside from the first chase scene. I did get some laughs, but I'm not sure if that was in reaction or about what is even going on? The ending felt abrupt as well and this film was mostly just Bruce Willis running around randomly with some side characters to bop him along the way. Getting knocked out that often is probably not safe for one's health.

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Rating Overall: 4.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner