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The Big Sick Review

The Big Sick is based on the real-life tale of how of Kumail Nanjiani (playing himself) and Emily Gordon (played by Zoe Kazan) fell in love and got married. The film tells a story about Kumail, an aspiring comedian and Pakistan-born male who fell in love with a white Grad student named Emily. They start developing feeling for each other after what they thought was a harmless one night stand. Nanjiani’s parents are very traditional and want him to marry a nice Pakistan woman.

After Emily gets sick with a mysterious illness, Nanjiani must work with Emily’s parents; Terry and Beth (Ray Romano and Holly Hunter) who he’s never met, to try to figure out what is wrong. As the film progresses Nanjiani struggles with the emotional choices of trying to decide what is important his family or his love. The Big Sick does an excellent job standing apart from other romantic comedies that have been released over the last few years.

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The humor in The Big Sick was well put together, with just the right amount to not over shadow the deep emotions running throughout. The film plays on the heartstrings, and makes the audience follow the whole time. The performances of the title actors were spectacular and they all seemed to work well together. I was especially impressed with Ray Romano’s performance, he did an excellent job at showing the calm but concerned parent trying to figure out what the best thing for his daughter is. The supporting actors did an alright job filling in the gaps where the title actors were alone, but seemed out of place at times. The film didn’t have any blank space and I didn’t even notice how fast the time went by. I think the best parts of the film were the awkward family dinners the Nanjiani’s held every night. The Big Sick was shot in a very simple fashion.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, The Big Sick is a simple but well put together, real-life story about Kumail Nanjiani finding his future (now present) wife Emily Gordon. The film is a good romantic comedy and is worth the watch if you’re going on a date night. The movie doesn’t drag, so you won’t notice how much time has passed. The actors mostly fit well together, and the flow of the movie is good. The humor on its own could hold you through the movie, add in the drama and you get the whole package.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

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