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Atomic Blonde Review

Atomic Blonde was stellar, it really was just a blast to watch and the action felt very similar to John Wick which is a series I greatly enjoy. The film is a time piece spy movie set during the fall of the Berlin Wall where multiple factions are in conflict over a special list. Lorraine (Charlize Theron) of MI6 is sent in to clean things up and find the information before it gets lost forever. What follows is an intense ride of twists as you never know what's going on. I would have actually preferred the movie had been a tad shorter since it gives away some juicy details later on which negated my desire to quickly view it a second time.

The plot was really intriguing and well done showing a badass female that's also rather vulnerable. This wasn't some action god throwing around large men, there was strategy and it was realistic. Charlize really nailed this role and there was a high quality of dedication in showing some heavy brutality that was admirable. Some scenes were particularly stretched out to show the conflict and just how much damage it can do to an individual.

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Aside from brutal action scenes were gorgeous shots showcasing the era very well. Most scenes brought a heavy and unique style while the simpler ones were filled with action. The combination of environment and momentum were incredible as Charlize decimated the opponents while also taking a beating. It always felt like things could go either way and that's where I thought the interview style might not have been the best way to show everything. There were also fantastic performances from James McAvoy and Sofia Boutella as others involved in this group of conflicting spies. Another great mention goes to the music that really added to the film and it all came together very well.

The Conclusion

I certainly enjoyed Atomic Blonde not only with its well delivered action, but also the general distinct look of the film. There was also a strong layer of confusion for what was happening as while it was all shown, there was more going on than one could guess. I was very surprised that the movie kept me guessing all the way through as you never know what the allegiances are. I highly suggest Atomic Blonde not only for action, but the well developed story and intense characters throughout. The music ties it altogether very well and there were some intense lady with lady scenes as well. It's very much a more adult focused film bringing the violence with no limits.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner