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Dave Made a Maze Review

Dave Made a Maze was an absolute treat providing a charming story of cardboard. The narrative follows a man that just wants to make something worthwhile and in following that he creates a maze. There's something more to this maze however as the entire thing is living and rather deadly. The start of the film shows this strange contraption as being just a harmless little set of boxes, it's only until the gathered crowd enters that we see its crazy potential. The only reason for entering is that Dave (Nick Thune), the maker is apparently now lost within the in-progress maze so they think he's insane. Once they enter they realize just how insane the place actually is since it's a full size labyrinth. The walls are beautifully designed and the place is almost living as it provides lethal traps for those that step astray. There's also another hidden beast that haunts these halls and that's a fun reveal.

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The film was shot well with some absolutely lovely views of the maze with the craftsmanship of the area being a pleasure to view. The various rooms they visited were awesome and there were so many well designed areas. It was incredibly neat to see some variations on the characters as well since some rooms tweak portions of reality. I also found the balance of dark themes mixed with the playfulness of yarn or cardboard to be enchanting. It's definitely got a number of strong moments and I got a good laugh out of most of it. The acting could have been a tad bit better as everyone seemed slightly bland though there were some strong moments and scenes that balanced this aspect out.

The Conclusion

Dave Made a Maze presents its themes in a fun and interesting way that definitely provides a good set of laughs throughout. The look and style of the film is also something special to behold. It's got such a unique thing going on and this really stands out from many of the movies I've watched this year. The acting could have been better, but it did somewhat work in favor of the attitude the characters were presenting. The real magic is in the design of the sets and the simplistic goal of making a cardboard box something wondrous. This was a blast to watch and certainly one of the more enjoyable horror type films I've watched.

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner