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Long Time Running Review

Long Time Running is a well thought out documentary that follows The Tragically Hip's legendary 2016 tour from the start, to the epic conclusive show. The Hip are a well known Canadian band with their finale, or well the whole tour in general being a big part of Canadian history. Fans from all over the country gathered to watch their many shows across multiple key cities while a huge portion of the country watched the last show live in person there, at events or on TV. The documentary does an excellent job of introducing the troubles involved with getting this last tour going while also covering many aspect of the group's history. It was sort of a perfect fabling of their anthology, all backed with many of their largest songs. It's quite sorrowing as well while still being a solid send-off for a group that really is an important part of the music scene in Canada.

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Being a documentary there were many people from the core band to the expanded crew that had comments filtered throughout. These were either stories, bits of information on their history or just a way to help guide the narrative. These were pieced together by having large portions of their performances in the last tour shown throughout. It also provides a nice back story for anyone that wants to learn more behind the aspects of how their shows get put together. This was all shot really well with some great scenes showcasing the band performing or their interactions with the crowd.

The Conclusion

Despite the situation behind this tour being somewhat sorrowing it was an uplifting look at their history and what it means to the fans. It was all about showcasing this key cultural event and it covered all aspects of what I expected along with more. This more being a deep look at the history of the band and what created this legendary group. The music was well edited in with the flow of interviews as it had great performances shot to back it up. Long Time Running is a perfect film for those that want to learn more about this tour, the band or just this key part of Canadian history. It's also a must see for those that are fans of the music and The Tragically Hip as it's a fantastic send-off.

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Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner