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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Coming from a stellar first entry in the series, Kingsman: The Golden Circle expands greatly upon the original in terms of what's going on while being really disappointing at the same time. There's a new threat that comes into play while everyone from the first film is just enjoying their day to day. This starts off small and then immediately expands as most of the Kingsman organization is annihilated. There's not much time to care however as the world is at stake and the remaining members engage in the doomsday protocol. It's all fine here and even the villain starts off as being strange, yet charming.

It's a fine adventure along the way, but by the end you're left having wanted something more from it. It isn't even close to the first film in terms of being compelling and while rehashing some moments is fine, the rest of it doesn't feel fresh. It takes the action a bit too far and while that's cool, it doesn't feel grounded enough. Even by the end things just sort of wrap up and perhaps the quantity of death took away some of the potential emotional impact that could have been there.

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It all looks great with most of the CGI being fine or fitting the style of the film well. I liked the new characters that were added to the roster though perhaps too many additional things were added. It was a strange mix of removing many key characters and the cast might have been too large at some point. The narrative felt on point with the original in terms of where things headed and the events that took place. I'm not sure another the whole world is in danger plot was needed, but I suppose it worked with the villain's goals. I just felt that they could have made Poppy (Julianne Moore) so much more evil or creepy as her opening was a standout point. For the most part things felt right and everyone had perfectly fine reasons for whatever side they were on, but this felt like it was stuffed with so much going on.

The Conclusion

Kingsman: The Golden Circle doesn't come close to the heights of the original and by the end I'm not sure how I feel about who's still available within the crew. I'm not sure if they just needed to cut down on things, but with so much being lost there should have been a higher emotional impact. By the end I was just fine with things and felt rather empty by what could have been so much more. It was fine to watch, it's got great action and some solid scenes though it could have been something more. Most of the action was well presented and it looked really cool, there were some neat new scenes while many key ones from the first were brought back. It all makes sense for the story and how things went though I still had anticipated a more interesting outcome.

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Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner