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Blade Runner 2049 Review

Blade Runner 2049 is most certainly a masterpiece of film, not only in terms of the beautiful cinematic world it creates but also with the deep look at humanity it provides. This is a similar yet far different world than what we were brought with the original movie as things have progressed. There's a new generation of replicants that only obey and the remaining older models continue to get hunted down by Blade Runner. Here we follow K (Ryan Gosling), a replicant at the LAPD that's been tasked with hunting down an individual of the upmost importance. This one person could have greatly shocking effects on the entire state of the modern world and it's through this hunt that one would question what it means to be living or free willed.

This is all told through a story of complete intrigue and wonder as K ventures across distinctly grim landscapes. It's a larger look at the state of planet while still beautifully presenting its cyberpunk aesthetics. The film was intensely gorgeous with each scene really taking a chance to make sure everything created a mood. Few other films really provide that design from the lighting to the sets and the entirely cold world of this future. This is very much a personal tale for K as it follows his journey with only minor looks at the other characters involved.

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Having found the original to be somewhat stretched out this sequel is probably just as long and some will feel that effect. That being said, every second of screen time is used perfectly to convey meaning or a thought on what humans value. It stretches into the realms of being free as a person and the implications of certain robotic technologies on a society. This all feels real and very plausible despite setting off in this alternate future that has been created.

The world is just as stunning as the original was with the modern technology only providing a larger sense of scale and atmosphere. This is proudly shown through many large scene shots and these are well balanced with smaller intimate scenes as K questions many aspects of what his life means. The acting was excellent with Gosling really standing out with his close partner Joi (Ana de Armas) helping to bring out a sense of wonder as she too gets to discover the world.

The Conclusion

Blade Runner 2049 is most certainly a masterpiece in every sense of what it brings to the screen. There might be some questionable aspects towards the ending, but when I really sat to think about it there's just a sense of elegance that guides this film along. It was well acted with everyone really engaging themselves into the world, the landscape was incredible and the themes were intriguing. The plot was also very well developed across the story and while on reflection I should have seen certain signs it really did surprise me at the ending. I did reach a point of understanding it all slightly sooner than when it was revealed and I was happily frustrated by not figuring things out early. Blade Runner 2049 will be an iconic film for the time just like the original was.

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Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner