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Mayhem Review

I was pleasantly surprised by Mayhem, it's a hyper violent film that follows a man's struggles to make it to the top of the corporate ladder. This is handled through the progression of taking out his fellow workers along the way and teaming up with a past client that he angered just that morning. The story is slow to start up really working on building the setup of the building and the key characters that work within it. It follows Derek Cho (Steven Yeun), someone that climbed fairly high up in the company to only have a completely awful day where everything goes bad.

It doesn't help that this crazy virus has been found within the building contaminating everyone. This virus makes everyone gain a single red eye and makes them basically lose their sense of moral code to let them go wild. He decides it's best to take this opportunity and have a discussion with those that run the company. From there it's a battle and a bloody epic one at that. It's got some rather intense scenes with a nice mix of some comedic aspect thrown into the violence.

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For the most part the action was solid, it felt slow to get going but once it did the pacing was fantastic. It's not a terribly long film, but it gets the point across while developing its own corporate universe. I liked the pairing of the leads with Yeun working well with his partner in destruction Melanie Cross (Samara Weaving). They had some solid chemistry and it helped when they were paired to cause mayhem. I found the narrative to be solid, it explained everything and I could clearly tell the motivations for all that were involved. The lighting was a bit odd in some scenes quite honestly and mostly distracting when it was. The selection of tools was good, the conflict was well delivered and the office spaces felt natural.

The Conclusion

Yet again, I was pleasantly surprised by Mayhem. It may not be the most deep story ever, but it gets the plot across well and it was exciting to watch. I definitely enjoyed it and it you're looking for something that mixes action with intense amounts of gore it works well. The leads matched each other perfectly and I enjoyed the chemistry as they worked together to take out anyone in their way. It may not be the most crazy movie out there, but it gets the point across and provides a simple enjoyable story.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

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