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Lazer Team 2 Review

Lazer Team 2 takes place sometime after the first entry where many things in the world have changed and the core team has drifted apart. For context, the original followed four random dudes that came together by chance and each ended up with part of a special combatant suit from an advanced group of aliens. The aliens send the armor to various planets as a proposed challenge for their little galactic game and typically a single champion represents each planet. The team each has a piece of this very armor and now they're stuck with it while integrating into regular life. The events of this second film kick off when Woody (Gavin Free) is taken through a dimensional portal by some alien creature.

His close co-worker Maggie (Nichole Bloom) decides to assemble the broken team and go after him. This brings the team on an intense space mission while testing their desire to still be the Lazer Team. It's mostly focused on being a comedy and while the jokes only land on the occasion, it's still a somewhat enjoyable ride. This really isn't to be taken too seriously and it helps to have an idea of the team behind this production since it's full of meta in that regard. It's a good and bad thing as I can see many not getting the appeal of the squad or context behind some of the jokes.
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Lazer Team 2 can still be enjoyed if you just come in blindly, but it does help to have some background for some of the minor jokes. There's some alright laughs throughout, but a lot of the comedy does somewhat fall flat. It's a very basic type of humor. The action scenes weren't anything too crazy and honestly the CGI wasn't too bad. It was shot in a plain way, nothing wild about the cinematography and I felt they could have done a better job there. The acting can also be rather stiff at most times, Free's Woody was alright providing multiple personalities though Nichole Bloom carried most scenes when she didn't come across as somewhat awkward.

The Conclusion

I found Lazer Team 2 to be rather average, as someone that enjoys other Rooster Teeth content I appreciate this film more than those that haven't watched any of it. It can still be a fine viewing if you're not expecting anything too impressive. A number of the jokes were funny and I enjoyed it. The combination of each member holding a random part of the armor can be entertaining and it was nice to see how that evolved in this sequel. It's an alright watch, if you enjoyed the first then the sequel is a solid follow-up. If you're a fan of their other content then this should be full of smaller references which are fun. Even those that might not have an idea of the background could find this to be an alright viewing, just keep expectations minimal.

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Rating Overall: 5.8

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