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I Am Alone Review

I Am Alone takes us on a journey that follows the protagonist Jacob Fitts (Gareth David-Lloyd) through filming his Survivorman type feeling show titled, I Am Alone. The show pits Jacob against nature for a total of seven days. Jacob is accompanied by his cameraman Mason Riley (Gunner Wright), and his producer Adam Levine (Rory Zacher). That is until the point where Fitts is ready to start filming the survival part of the show. While Jacob is isolated filming his part for episode 113 in the Colorado Rockies, Mason and Adam take to the streets of the nearby town to do filming and question the locals about if they think Jacob will survive, as well as for them to tell their own stories. Within a few hours of Adam and Mason starting to film, a virus outbreak hits this small town in Colorado.

Jacob continues to film his part of the reality show, not knowing about the virus outbreak. Early into the first night, Jacob comes across an infected man who happens to bite him. Luckily for Mason he is picked up by the CDC and is safe for the time being. However, the CDC forces Mason to relive the horrible seven days that happened prior. The CDC hopes that rewatching the footage could hopefully come up with a vaccine to deal with the infection
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Written and Directed by Robert A. Palmer, I Am Alone has a great story and is told in a new way that keeps the viewer’s attention. For not having big name actors in the film, Gunner Wright, and Gareth David-Lloyd they did a spectacular job in the roles they were performing. I personally enjoyed Gareth’s role, he did a great job portraying someone who slowly becomes infected and the struggles that come with that. Gunner also performed well when looking for his friends and dealing with the many issues that come with running around an unfamiliar place while also attempting to survive. The location of the film was great with the scenery looking beautiful, when in the deep Rockies it was dark and gritty when it needed to be. However, I am not a fan of the CCTV style of filming that was featured within. Despite that, there was an excellent effort to make sure the smaller details came through.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, I Am Alone is a film with a Survivorman style to it. It follows Jacob Fitts as he gets infected, and Mason Riley as he looks for Jacob within a fully infected small town in Colorado. The film looks great and has good attention to detail. The only downside to the film is the CCTV style of camera work.

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Rating Overall: 6.5

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