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Father Figures Review

Father Figures is a comedy focused story about two twin brothers that don't look alike in the slightest that attempt to find their actual father. They've been told a lie their entire life and now the two set out across the United States on a mission to find the truth. This then has them stumbling from man to man attempting to find one that fits into the correct timeline. It's a series of convenience and random events that help them along for the most part. Nothing was particularly clever here and even the twists weren't that exciting.

It's a long film, perhaps excessively long as you really feel that certain portions are stretched out. The material really just wasn't there for it as certain spots didn't entirely make sense. It also wasn't very funny missing the mark most of the time and doing that overly crude humor that hasn't worked in recent films. Father Figures certainly does have its moments where things were funny, but those were rare moments.
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The acting was decent I suppose, it was great to see so many classic actors all doing a silly side thing though with just minor bits throughout they're mostly steps along the way. The leads of Ed Helms and Owen Wilson were decent, yet together not enough to keep it going throughout the entire film. It was shot decently though nothing too stunning and it was really just a below average experience. I felt bored through a lot of it and while many jokes were being attempted, most didn't land. The plot was too random and lacked enough structure to be really interesting. It was essentially meet a potential father, hear dirty jokes about their mother and then conveniently find out details on the next guy.

The Conclusion

Father Figures doesn't deliver, it's a boring film that really wasn't very entertaining. It certainly has its moments, but perhaps goes to heartfelt at times instead of focusing on being funny. The leads weren't enough to carry the narrative and the array of fathers didn't have enough time to be interesting. You're just along for the ride in what's essentially a random selection of occurrences that are loosely connected by unbelievable chance. Again, it was unsettling to sit through and really didn't hit the mark for the most part ending with one of those terrible happy moments that I won't spoil. I'd say it's a fairly generic film that doesn't deliver on its main goal and fails at the execution of many events.

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Rating Overall: 3.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner