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Downsizing Review

I definitely like the concept of Downsizing in that the potential for the different types of movies you could develop for it are wide spread. That being said, they didn't pick a particularly interesting one for this movie. It starts out fine as we learn about the shrinking procedure and what it can do for people, but then that's just left behind for a feel good experience. It really had all the markings of something dark and even at times just party comedic, but it doesn't go there.

I really liked the initial twists and then it just makes a long boring experience. The pacing felt off with the latter part of the film being one of the slowest movies I've ever watched. It just drags on while making the character seem like a good guy, but I wasn't entertained by it. With so many possibilities I was shocked with what they chose as there was so much more potential here. There's been some shrinking movies in the past, yet none as well explained as in here and that basis was exciting.
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I liked the look of Downsizing, the style of constantly keeping the aspects to make everything appear small was perfect. You got some sense of wonder at times though they could have had more fun with that. It was tame enough comparing the key characters to the world. The acting was solid, Matt Damon's character was well executed though I did find his later companion's foreign aspect for comedy to be hit or miss. It was really just too feel good for me instead of having any sort of entertainment throughout. It was definitely attempting to be pushy about climate and such which was more annoying than thought provoking. That aside, I will most certainly complement the thorough design behind the process of Downsizing and the effects it had on the larger world within the film.

The Conclusion

Downsizing had the potential to be a really fun movie, or perhaps a dark one and the direction it went just didn't provide any sort of engaging content. The first part of the film was very interesting, had excellent pacing and then it all basically vanished for a very slow latter half. I was incredibly disappointed finding it hard to keep focused towards the ending with my guest passing out twice while watching it. It did have some fun spots and comedic aspects that worked, but those became rarer as the narrative progressed. I suppose it wasn't the worst of films, yet it did really trail off towards the ending.

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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner