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Butcher the Bakers Review

Butcher the Bakers was a strange mix of enjoyable and downright awful. I definitely could see where they were headed with this being a sort of comedic horror yet the delivery wasn't entirely there. This comes down to some rather poorly acted seasons, rough cuts and some just out of place characters. The plot was fine being some weird and original mix of these two bakers that need to take on this mystical character. There's an element of souls involved and an underdeveloped side group that's randomly attempting to do black magic.

I thought the group as a whole was much better once everyone got together, but the two bakers were decent alone. There was one particular individual, the one that gave the most general details on what was going on as well as destroying a deer to present the worst performance I've seen reviewing films. It was just purely awful and perhaps beyond words. That aside Butcher the Bakers was somewhat enjoyable at times and I was strangely into it by the ending. There were however a pile of issues throughout and while something decent was there, the execution wasn't satisfactory.
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It was shot alright though some of the cuts weren't the best and the general flow was just fine. Some elements of the narrative worked well, yet I felt as though a faster introduction of the larger group might have helped the character development better. Some of the comedy did land well with some laughs and the action was exciting enough. I thought one of the stand out portions was the wild array of crazy folk that appear throughout with some unique designs. The montage that followed this group was particularly well done being another highlight. I felt the acting was again a tad off with this group, but the costumes and attitude were on point.

The Conclusion

Butcher the Bakers was alright at times though I did have a number of issues overall. A lot of the acting was rather weak and some portions were just bad to watch. The array of crazy folk that came into the mix were interesting and the mystical elements felt fresh. The originality here was actually one of the best parts of the overall experience as the ideas were rather cool. Some characters were strangely way out of normal ranges in annoyance whereas others were fine. The comedic aspect mostly worked into the horror while still being really dark in nature. It's really all over the place quite honestly as it wasn't the worst thing I watched, yet I felt some parts dragged this picture down from being a solid presentation.

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Rating Overall: 3.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner