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Fifty Shades Freed Review

50 Shades Freed is the third and thankfully the final installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan returned to roles as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey once more; however this changes for them very quickly as the movie starts off with their wedding. The now Mrs. Grey is settling into her new life of luxury while Christian is trying to figure out the married life. Unfortunately, shadows from their pasts seem intent on ruining their happily ever after.

Not much has changed since the previous film. 50 Shades Freed brings back the villains from the other two films, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) and Mrs. Robinson because they can’t think of any new ideas for the narrative. 50 Shades Freed is the same as the others, has a loose story pieced together by some kind of erotic sex scene or another. The film kept the cast which isn’t surprising because no one else would want to have their name on this film. But the one thing they did do well in this final entry, is they tried to develop some of their side character stories.
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It was nice to see the actors stick this trilogy out and get it done with. I think they may have actually got some experience and developed further skills; too bad the execution there alone doesn’t make a good film. The poor writing had this dead to rights before the opening was even rolling. I was impressed at how good the chemistry between Johnson and Dornan has gotten, considering how awkward it must be between them in real life. You can also see how Dornan has gotten better as an actor in showing how he developed and changed Christian Grey from the billionaire playboy to a married family man. However, they tried to make this film more entertaining for the guys watching as it featured fast cars, action and lots of breasts thrown around. To the side of that of course, having a hunk like Jamie Dornan keeps the ladies watching and swooning over him the whole trilogy. Those fans definitely won’t be disappointed by this one.

The Conclusion

50 Shades Freed has some more meat to it, but that doesn’t make it any stronger than the other films. It does wrap up the trilogy well and might finally bring this 50 shades craze to an end. Johnson really embraced the erotica of the film, spending more time topless then the other two films. With this film coming out before Valentine’s Day, it’s perfect to take your date to.

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Rating Overall: 4.8

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