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Bad Apples Review

Bad Apples follows these two girls in weird, yet lovely and well designed costumes that go around killing people one night. That's it, there's nothing more to it. I'm seriously not kidding, the premise seems fine and the two killers were spooky yet I had no idea what the point to any of it was. I could barely even hear what was going on and it was impossible to follow. At first we get a focus on a couple and then all of a sudden it jumps to random people you never even meet getting killed.

Bad Apples is short, pointless and has the strangest end explanation that I couldn't hear. The audio throughout the movie wasn't great, but damn that ending took things to new extents. I walked up to the TV with the volume greatly increased and still couldn't understand what was being said. Not to mention the beyond horrible acting at that part, it was just bad. Things started out fine, the premise if outside of the context of this film is interesting.
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I wasn't a fan of how Bad Apples was shot, it was dark and still boring to look at. The acting was alright at times though some side stories made little sense. The two girls that were killing folks were the best part and could have been fine if the story made any sense at all. It was a chain of random disconnected murders in weird ways for little to no reason. It's cut up in such a way that I'm not sure anything could have been pieced out of this. Few words are spoken and when they were, the delivery was weak on almost all parties involved. There was however a neat pumpkin, so that was cool.

The Conclusion

Bad Apples was soul crushingly bad, I've seen few films this awful and pointless. I couldn't even understand what they were trying to go over by the end of the short run time. That ending was complete drivel. Couldn't understand anything they said during that part and I guess it was to pad time. They maybe should have spent that time on creating a story or some meaning. The motives for everyone don't make any sense, it didn't even seem like the victims fought back and some of the attacks were poorly done. The gore was alright at times and the two girl killers were great. That's about all the good I can find in this waste of time, and it wasn't even that long. Terrible.

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Rating Overall: 2.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner