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Every Day Review

Every Day follows the life of 16 year old Rhiannon (Angourie Rice). Our star Rhiannon ends up falling in love with A, a spiritual entity that wakes up in a different person’s body every 24 hours. Feeling a connection like no other, Rhiannon and A decide to make the effort to find each every single day and spend as much time together as they can, no matter where or who A wakes up as that day. Eventually, the task of loving somebody everyday starts to take its toll on Rhiannon and A. It’s time for them to make what could be the hardest decision of their lives. This film is based off of the book by the same name which was written by David Levithan.

The film Every Day, must have been hard for Angourie to film, due to the fact she didn’t really have a co star to lean on. The supporting cast did an excellent job at keeping the film on pace, and to help fill in gaps where a regular core co-star might have been. But, it did show off how well of an actress Angourie is in being able to handle a variety of situations, despite being so young. The film did a good job at showing the personality of A shine through everybody he was portraying, this helped give the movie a constant to hang on as the plot progressed
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The movie Every Day was a very emotional film to watch. It pulls on the heartstrings, but also added some comedy to the mix so it’s not just a sappy mess. I did feel that the film was a little predictable; you always knew what was going to happen. It was interesting to see how they told the tale of how you fall in love with somebody’s soul and personality, instead of just how they look. The presentation of the cinematography was plain, didn’t seem like they wanted to go for anything too creative there. The film had little to no CGI use, which is impressive due to the time we live in for any modern film.

The Conclusion

Every Day; was an ok shot, better than average romantic film. It tugs on your heartstrings to bring you to tears, but also has enough comedic elements to keep you happy. Also, there is something of magic watching people fall in love. The film shows Rhiannon falling in love with a person’s soul and their personality, how they look is just a bonus on the given day. Although the film brought a couple of new ideas to the table, they didn’t take any risks to film Every Day. Will Rhiannon and A be able to make the hardest of their lives or will they come up short?

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Rating Overall: 6.7

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