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The Horde Review

The Horde truly is your typical school kids go out into the forest and get attacked by killers. It brings an intimate group of your stereotypical kids together with they're strangely alright with whatever strange things kid say teacher and her ex-navy seals boyfriend. The group then makes their way out to this small town on a photo trip and after a small run-in with the tons folk the horde attacks after the first. There are some deaths involved in this first wave which were somewhat gruesome and the others were taken for some sickening treatments. Some of these were well shot whereas other portions felt like they went a bit vanilla with their style. The one annoying rich kid was beyond obnoxious to the point where you're just assuming you have to hate him. There's the two overly in love kids and the two kids that want to be in love. Things don't go well for anyone, but luckily the ex-navy seal (Paul Logan) is there to save the day with mad killing skills. The action sequences were actually mostly well done with some gruesome deaths though there was a major scene at the end which faced far too many quick cuts which ruined it. The horror torture scenes were also alright, but nothing too crazy that would be something someone hasn't seen before. It also wasn't that scary and went for more of the cringe gore aspect of horror which was alright though the film itself was very average.

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The Conclusion

The acting range from decent to not very good with too many cliché characters and moments. It's a very solid horror movie to watch if you're looking for that as it's somewhat different. The action sequences were alright and mainly the highlight though I'm sure gore fans will like some of the torture scenes. The film was basically just average and moved through its plot predictably so while never really going all out in any aspects. The Horde was decent though not one I'll probably be too interested in watching again though fans of the horror genre might appreciate this movie.

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Rating Overall: 4.3

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner