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The Last Heist Review

The Last Heist was certainly a different take on the whole heist type movie as a large group of bank robbers trap themselves with a serial killer (Henry Rollins). Now this isn't just your run of the mill maniac, the guy has a higher purpose and quite a unique style of killing which only aims to terrify people further. The setup of the film was well done as it creates this group of individualists coming together to pull of this heist on a failing safety deposit bank. Things start off fairly typical with the group taking hostages while the cops quickly get involved with a somewhat odd detective (Victoria Pratt). After getting everyone rounded up they've apparently not captured everyone and this individual happens to be a serial killer. Despite this aspect it really was just a third party in the overall scheme of the film and I have to say he has some style. I would have actually liked to see even more of the character as he didn't just kill people, he had a higher belief to it. That aside the heisting group was attempting their best to control hostages, make discussions with the police and deal with this killer running about the building. It was actually rather entertaining with some well done conflict scenes and a satisfying story plot.

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I did however have some issues with the acting as some of the actors didn't quite feel right at times in their discussions with each other. The female heist members were actually somewhat funny despite being dealing with some rough and typical dialogue though still not too bad. Another issue I had was with the guns feeling a bit unrealistic in the film as the bullets didn't quite look right, but on the side of that the knife work was solid. With that being said there were some very gruesome cutting scenes which were well done and it felt perfectly twisted which was obviously the goal of the serial killer. There really wasn't too many CGI aspects within the film that stood out as bad aside from the gun fire being a bit weak in this one. The cinematography was alright in the film though noting too extraordinary as it was mostly just in doors with the exception being some of the darker aspects of the building which featured some neat lighting.

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The Conclusion

I did thoroughly enjoy the film as it was a different take on the typical heisting film and I'm surprised that there aren't more that involve twisted things going on behind the scenes. It did feel like a very intimate film as it was contained to basically a single building and the small area outside which worked fine though don't expect much travel in this one. I absolutely loved the serial killer as it was twisted, sick and well acted working well as just some random third party aspect in the film. Despite some weaker aspects I found the film to be generally an enjoyable experience and a well thought out story.

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Rating Overall: 7.8

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