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Vigilante Diaries Review

The Vigilante Diaries follows a real world type hero by the name of the Vigilante (Paul Sloan) that takes on crime with an arsenal weapons while being filmed by local rich film maker called Mike (Jason Mewes). Together they create a number of videos to show of the heroics and build a name for the Vigilante though that's quickly shown somewhat to the side as this follows the group in the now. It's somewhat split into chapters with bits of narration about what's going on and for the most part worked fine. I did however have an issue with the number of kidnappings as they might have set a record in this one as that's what most of the plot revolved around and it did get a bit too big at the end. It could have felt a bit better if they kept the story more contained as it did get a bit silly by the ending. The Vigilante is followed by a group of mercenaries and has a number of run-ins with the Armenia mob which causes some issues and sends the character on a global mission. The global journey was fun yet I found things jumped around too much and many of the side storylines were either dropped or quickly fixed without any solid explanation.

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There's a decently balanced large roster of characters in the film though coming into it blind you don't particularly care for the extended cast with only a few taking larger roles. It was nice to see a solid brutal film that took the super hero type thing to a more realistic style, but it should have been a bit more focused in terms of narrative. The acting was fine on all ends with some alright jokes in the mix, but less clichés might have also helped the cast a bit. The action was well done without taking anything over the top and some of the motivations for characters were briefly explained. I also didn't find any CGI issues or general problems with the quality of the film so that's always good. The cinematography was also mostly pleasing with some nice scenes in the movie and I liked their dedication to having some more realistic characters in how they moved around warzones.

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The Conclusion

The Vigilante Diaries was a decent global thriller fitted with some nice violence and only held back by some odd extra story lines. It also had this weird love of doing kidnapping plots which was taken a bit too far and some of the story could have been clearer. The violence and action was well done having a realistic depiction in the film. The acting was fine enough as everyone got into their roles well and generally a solid action film that I did enjoy.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner