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Pixels Review

I've heard almost nothing but awful things about Pixels from every outlet and individual. While it was a rather rough movie in terms of the story, acting and basic plot the showing was actually fun in a sense. Adam Sandler has been on a downward spiral in recent years and I'm not quite sure this helped his cause that much. I honestly did have some laughs and general enjoyment while watching though there were some serious problems. Starting out this film is based on a short film that released a few years ago where old school video game characters attacked the Earth. This has been expanded with this movie taking the concept to a stretch. After the video game world championships back in the day where Adam Sandler's character placed second and was devastated things in his life have not gone well. Things develop further when an alien race has mis-understood tapes from the event that were sent into space as an act of war. The various game characters of the past have now been sent upon the world to destroy it in a number of challenges. The premise is well done though things never really come together after that.

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Many feel that the various gaming characters were poorly shown though honestly I felt that they were presented properly with many concepts around how people feel about these old arcade games at this point. I really didn't like the constant comments on geeks or such as anyone that has gamed was constantly being ridiculed throughout the entire movie. There was also terrible commentary on women being a trophy of sort which was creepy at the end where one of them was a hot female. She was a literal trophy and how it happened was completely creepy.

Moving back towards the plot and story there were many aspects that just didn't make any sense. I couldn't, and still can't see Kevin James being a president. That just didn't make sense and it also felt like more budget went into the CGI which was stunning then the various actors or takes even. It felt like none of them had any heart being there as the acting from the start was just poor, awfully poor. Like I said before the CGI for the various scenes and voxel creatures was fantastic. They couldn't have done a better job in that regard though the rest of the movie is just really below average. There were some laughs to be had at certain parts and some neat scenes that were present though it'll be easily forgotten.

The Conclusion

While I did get some enjoyment while watching the movie in general was not even really mediocre. Once more, the CGI was spectacular in the movie though it feels like once more Adam Sandler is taking some friends on vacation across the world. The story could have also been stronger and end on less of a weird note. I also still don't understand the trophy system since there were three to get yet humans sort of ended with two. It all just seems so silly to me, though I didn't take it too seriously. Was it awful, to a degree yes. It wasn't the worse thing I've ever seen and maybe better than Adam Sandler's last couple films.

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Review for Pixels at Theater with Standard 3D

Rating Overall: 4.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner